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Congratulations Phillies!-Finally A Quality Start-But A Loss

By Ian Sontag

Hats off to the Philadelphia Phillies starting pitching staff this evening. Joe Blanton actually got them their FIRST quality start of the year! That's great! Right? Wrong. The end result was giving a heartless Washington Nationals team its FIRST victory of the season by an 8-2 score.

That's totally horrible. Not only that, but guess what?

We fell behind again 3-0, this time in the first inning off Adam Dunn's 3-run homerun. The Phils are now 8-for-8 on the season on getting scored upon first. That is an amazing stat. The good thing is at least Blanton settled down after the first and shutout those great hitters(joking) in the Nats lineup, but still picked up his first loss since becoming a Phillie last season.

Here's a thought, and I know EVERY other Phillies fan around has this same frustration as I do. Why the heck do we always make the poor teams and players healthy when they play us. Healthy-meaning if they're (the team or a player) in a slump-not winning, hitting well, or pitching well, they get out of it by beating us, hitting homeruns, or pitching great games.

You could be the WORST team -the Nats-FIRST WIN of the season against the Phillies, or average to below average hitters-like Josh Willingham (1st homer tonight), Alex Gonzalez (1st homer tonight), or Elijah Dukes (2nd homer tonight). Wose yet, some guy named Shairon Martis goes six innings and beats us.

It just seems that to be the case. Make sure you check out who's not hitting for the Padres yet the season. Why? Because chances are we'll make the underperfoming players look like they're having career days.

By the way if you're counting, probably not but I am, the Phillies pitching staff has thrown a total of 20 HOMERUNS this season, seven more than the next closest team in the National League. Scary, remember it's only been eight games. The National tonight hit four-unbelievable.

Hopefully this trend will slow down soon, or better yet STOP! Even our bullpen threw up some meatballs. Is Rich Dubee being asked what's going on yet, or is it still ok, cause we're still the champs.

Remember two or three articles back, I told you I took off those rose-colored glasses and smashed them. No more World Series hangover, no more excuses.

Reason being, we got other serious contenders in our division. Forget the Mets, like I told you in my first article their starters will have their bullpen worn down by the middle of August. Then there's a team named the Braves that has a good offense and a very strong pitching staff.

But wait, there's more. Seems like the team nobody ever talks about year after year, the Florida Marlins-well they already have a three game lead over second place Atlanta in the division.

Let's all be cautious Phils fans. This will be a difficult wraparound weekend series starting tomorrow with the San Diego Padres emotionally. Let's also hope the team can get refocused and start to fight in this 6+ month war we call a season by taking at least three out of four, heck let's sweep the Padres.

We'll see about that. I

t all beginss Friday night in Philly when Chris Young (2-0) 1.38 ERA takes the hill against our ace Cole Hamels (0-1) 17.18 ERA.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Talk to you tomorrow night after the game.


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