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Hitting and Pitching Pushes Phillies Win Streak to Five

By Ian Sontag

The Philadelphia Phillies are on a season high five game winning streak and now only a 1/2 game out of first place. On the flip side, the first-place Florida Marlins have gone 1-7 over their last eight, including getting swept by the Pittsburgh Pirates, then by the Phillies.

Pitching, when the starters haven't pitched well, the relievers have picked up and vice versa. When the pitching has needed the hitting, it's been there.

After a rough start in the early going against the Atlanta Braves, the Phils have hit many multiple home run games, including two grand slams (one by Ryan Howard and one by Raul Ibanez) on Monday night at Citizens Bank Park.

Seven home runs by Ibanez at this point in the season? Did you think that would be the case? I surely didn't. Does that make you think of Pat who? Perhaps not. It's still early this season. He is, however, gotten to a few more balls this season in the outfield than Pat Burrell would've.

Did you think Howard would be off to such a solid start, hitting over .300? Or even Chase Utley hitting his seventh homer last night after having offseason hip surgery?

One thing I definitely would not have counted on was Jimmy Rollins' slow start. I'm sure he'll get it going soon as well.

Pitching wise, with Cole Hamels only giving you 4 1/3 innings in his last two starts, it puts a little strain on the bullpen, but they seem to handle it. Jamie Moyer's stellar outing on Sunday's 13-2 win in Florida was able to give that bullpen a much needed rest.

After last night, with the Phils bullpen pitching 4 2/3 in relief of Hamels getting a sprained ankle, Chad Durbin won't be available tonight against Washington, perhaps neither will Clay Condrey. Brad Lidge still nursing his sore knee, moves up Ryan Madson into the closer's spot.

Hopefully starter Brett Myers can get a quality start in for the Phillies tonight and get his season rolling in the right direction.

So a little bit of shuffling with another timely day off coming Thursday, before those beloved New York Mets roll into Philadelphia for a weekend series. Good News? At least we'll miss Johan Santana, as he pitches today against the Marlins. The rest of the starting staff is averaging just under 4 2/3 innings per start and their bullpen is very suspect as well.

With any luck, the Phils can keep this rolling for a while, until Hamels and Lidge is back to 100%.
But who needs luck when you have hitting and pitching working together, helping each other out, and finishing out the first month of the season strong?

NOTE-Keep in mind the Phils have given up a season high 40 home runs in just 19 games (2.1 homers per game average).


  1. Oh great Ian's back... I haven't visited this bogus site that shuts down my internet when it actually loads in the first place, in week (Because Hohman only posts once per week). Let's take a look at this mess.

    "Pitching, when the starters haven't pitched well, the relievers have picked up and vice versa." English is clearly not your first language if you think this sentence is okay.

    "the Phils have hit many multiple home run games" This a stroke of jouranlistic genius Ian.

    "until Hamels and Lidge is back to 100%." Is it really this hard to make subjects and verbs agree?

    "After last night, with the Phils bullpen pitching 4 2/3 in relief of Hamels getting a sprained ankle," You must have gone to the Derek Zoolander School for Children Who Can't Read Good. Laughable stuff, if you didn't take this as seriously as you think you do.

    On a positive note, you didn't beg your readers to comment this week or tell them you would talk to them after the next game. That's two steps in the right direction.

    Please stick to your day job Sontag and stop embarrassing yourself while destroying the credibility of this site as a whole.

    Boss Man

  2. By the way...when a baseball team wins, it usually has something to do with hitting and pitching, but thanks for pointing it out to the lay fan. You're right, your bringing much more than just summaries to the table, you're bring complete dog do too. Creative title idiot!


  3. Keep up the great, educating comments. Maybe you should get a job since you have nothing better to do other than rip me. I say you're jealous. thanks again for the riveting comments. i will keep my day job, which is on the sports radio station you probably listen to. As for the idiot comment, well, be careful when calling names.
    Thanks again, Anonymous.

  4. Ian,
    I didn't even know my AM dial went up to 1540. Your day job as a sports radio host makes your inability to write anything coherent all the more mind boggling. It's also puzzling that someone who apparently gets paid to talk about sports can sound so amateurish when posting lousy recaps. This radio station you work for is obviously a joke just like you mi amigo. For the record, I could go on busting you up all season pal. It would be best to just drop it.


  5. Boss of what? Your own little world. Other avenues for you to follow sports.

    I would love to buy you a drink as I do also work for 950 ESPN, as you can call the station itself and they will verify. I do appreciate the little 3rd grade match you like to engage in, because obviously you have nothing else to do. Don't forget to call in your employee benefits this week. It is totally my pleasure to help support you on our tax dollars.