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Is Rollins a Good Trade Candidate?

By Anthony Machcinski

While listening to ESPN Radio earlier today, I heard something that I thought I never would hear. The caller posed the idea of Jimmy Rollins being traded in the upcoming offseason. Yes, I realize it is early to talk about ideas that could occur during the offseason, but the caller seemed to create a good point.

Over the past few years, Rollins has dropped in production and has begun an awful start to the year this season. Granted, I hate making assumptions off of the first two weeks of the season, but Rollins goes into the final year of his contract next season, and currently at the age of 33, it would be unwise to offer him a big extension.

The first idea behind this is that a team would take Jimmy Rollins. The caller said that he believed the New York Yankees would be interested, but in all reality that could not be farther from the truth. Derek Jeter, although a shell of himself, is a Yankee icon, who should be in pinstripes for the rest of his career. In New York, Jeter can basically do no wrong, despite dropping offensive numbers and his range dropping.

Even if the miracle would happen and the Yankees were to dump Jeter, Ramiro Pena has gotten a lot of hype by the media and has been slated to become the shortstop of the future.

The other problem with trading Rollins would be the fact that many teams are already set on the shortstop position, as proven by the Athletics inability to find a trade partner for former Rookie of the Year Bobby Crosby as well as the lack of jobs for free agent shortstops this past offseason.

If there was a possible landing spot for Jimmy Rollins it could be in Boston, where shortstop Jed Lowrie has gotten hurt and backup Julio Lugo is lack luster. Jimmy Rollins could fit in nicely in the Boston lineup in front of David Ortiz. The Red Sox are also loaded in the pitching department, starting and relieving, providing sufficient talent for the Phillies to obtain in return.

Rollins is one of the most well-liked and most respected Phillies. Trading him would cause an uproar from the city. The Phillies do not have a big name shortstop to fill the void. In the short term, Eric Bruntlett is a very solid defensive shortstop, and although he does not provide solid hitting, he could limit the runs that Rollins lets in.

Do I think it’s a great idea? Absolutely not, it would create too much pressure for a Phillies team looking to alleviate the pressure. But for the future, say this coming offseason, I feel like there could be a response.


  1. To answer the question posed in the title of your article...NO. At this point in his career you're not going to get equal value for him. Although he's played like a stiff so far, I'm having a hard time believing he's fighting a nagging injury. Charlie has sat him twice and we've seen that we can't really have Eric Bruntlett in the order...he's awful. I think he'll land on the DL soon and it'll be revealed that he's been fightin' a sore back or some trash. Thanks WBC! I just don't see Ruben Amaro pulling the trigger on something like this...ever. I've been wrong before though.

    I have to say Anthony, that I appreciate you bringing something to the table.

  2. I do feel like if the Phillie's pitching doesnt come around after Moyer that they could find potential trades with Boston because of several reasons 1) different leagues and 2) boston's DEEP pitching