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Phightin’ Phils Need to Start Fighting Early

By Anthony Machcinski

It is no surprise coming into the season that the Philadelphia Phillies biggest need was at starting pitcher, but most experts did not think the need was this bad.

After Brett Myers got spanked opening day and Jaime Moyer gets knocked down a peg, many Phillies hoped to find warmth in Colorado from pitcher Cole Hamels. The Phillies soon learned that the Rockies in April are cold-hearted.

Cole Hamels took the mound in Colorado and came out of the game with an awful line only Carl Pavano could envy: 3 2/3 innings pitched, 11 hits, seven earned runs, one strike out and a 17.18 Earned Run Average.

Minus a huge outburst in the go-away game against the Atlanta Braves, the Philadelphia offense has been slim. Chase Utley is the bright star in the offense, hitting .429 with two runs batted in. The big stars of last season’s postseason run have disappeared. Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, and Shane Victorino are all hitting below .200 and have 3 RBIs between the two of them.

As terrible as the batting may seem, the pitching is even worse, as alluded to before. The four starting pitchers, Moyer, Meyers, Hamels, and Joe Blanton, have ERAs of 7.20, 6, 15.75, and 17.18 respectively. All pitchers have looked terrible. Their pitches miss and end up right down the middle of the plate or way outside the strike zone, their breaking balls fail to break, and the opposing teams players have deposited seven balls over the fence.

Why does this seem all so terrible?

This week, the Florida Marlins and the Atlanta Braves look to be back to being contenders. The Marlins beat up on a lowly Washington Nationals team using pitching, defense, and hitting. The Atlanta Braves seem even more dangerous. They did the same thing, but against the Phillies.

Yet, the Phillies could still recover. Certainly, the City of Brotherly Love will become crazy with the doubt that their Phillies will never make the playoffs. However, it’s just the first week of the season, and as any fan of baseball knows, April is April.

Phillies fans need to realize and remember that their Phillies went hot last season and made the playoffs by their winning streak in September.

The Phillies can easy turn their season around in the coming weeks. Their bullpen has looked real well this week and newcomer Raul Ibanez has been one of the most productive players on the team. And although Rollins and Howard are starting slow, Chase Utley looks like he never had surgery in the offseason, hitting .429 throughout the first four games.

So Phillies fans, your team is trying, but be patient, October is still six months away.


  1. While I see your point, it should be noted that JRoll is the only one hitting under .200.
    JRoll- .111
    Shane- .219
    Howard- .313

    JRoll and Shane each have 3 RBI and Howard has 7 RBI's.

    Your stats are through 4 games, but the Phils have played 8?

    Welcome to the site...make sure your on point or you kill your credibility and the cred. of you fellow writers. Step it up son!

  2. yeah...i wrote it a few days ago to submit for the start. Thats why it was only through four games. Ill step it up i got cha