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Phils Take A Lead Early-Fade Late For Second Straight Defeat

By Ian Sontag

Cole Hamels takes the mound, a Harry Kalas tribute, the Philiadelphia Phillies come out on fire right? Absolutely correct. For the first time all season the Phillies take the lead early, this time by a huge 5-0 margin off San Diego Padres' starter Chris Young.

This was a night that was meant to be. A Chase Utley first inning homerun and a 2-run double by fill-in catcher Chris Coste and your ace on the mound perfect. This should be a breeze.

A stiff breeze is what the left-coast Padres were looking for and they got it three times with homeruns in the third by shortstop Luis Rodriguez (his 1st of the year-one of those players the Phillies helped to get healthy), Scott Hairston (second of the season), and catcher Nick Hundley (his 1st homer of the season). Hundley, here's a guy that has ONLY five career homeruns coming into the game. All these given up by ace Hamels.

Like I said in the previous blog, we make ALL the average and below average players healthy-meaning we help get them back on track and hitting well again.

23-is NOW the number of homeruns the Phils have given up in the first nine games of the season. They better start scoring a LOT more if the numbers remain like this throughout the season.

This game was cool that after 3 2/3 Young was pulled and the Padres suspect relief. The suspect relief only hancuffed those hot Phils hitters to only five hits in 5 1/3 innings to allow their hitters to take on the Phightins strong and mostly reliable bullpen.

Enter Ryan Madson, who hasn't given up a run all year. Brad Lidge's brige to a closout ninth inning and another Phils win.

Tonight, however, was a different story. Madson's baseball had magnets in them and so did the middle of home plate. No matter where he threw his pitches, the ended up being put right in the middle for all the hitters.

This was very tough to watch as the atmosphere and positivity slowly got sucked out of the stadium and in set the negativity and unrest. On the eve of the viewing for one of baseball's all-time great broadcasters, Harry Kalas.

Madson gave up an rbi single to Jody Gerut, then a 2-run double to Hairston which capped seven unanswered runs for the Padres for an 8-7 San Diego victory.

So now we stumble to a 4-5 record, five games behind the Florida Marlins who won tonight and raised their record to 9-1.

Is it the emotions of Kalas' untimely death getting to the players? The cold weather (wasn't cold tonight)? The pressure to get to or maintain the same level as last season's success? Please comment below this story and tell me, because I darn sure can't figure the problems out.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you after tomorrow night's game.


  1. Seriously, proofread before you post man.

    "This game was cool that after 3 2/3 Young was pulled and the Padres suspect relief."
    This isn't a complete sentence and I tried to read and understand it 10 times before I gave up. You're still just recapping the game. It makes me not want to read your article.
    Can you use some commas or something too? It's damaging to my sensibilities to see such poor writing allowed to remain in circulation. Your ideas are fine, but your execution is weak.

    Boss Man

  2. I appreciate your comments, however I'm not sure I see your articles here. Obviously, I'm not perfect and am trying to put up an article a day in between everything else in real life. But if you don't like me recapping the game, please read all the other "GREAT" philly writers. Take care.

  3. Bottom line: your articles blow

    Boss Man

  4. That's why you can't even put up your real name- it has to be a fraud like "Boss Man"
    Have fun pal.