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Step Right Up and BEAT the Mets!

Thank god the winning at home has started again; let alone the beautiful bounty that is beating our most hated enemy in baseball. The Phils returned home this weekend for the independence day holiday sweeping the Mets in 3 games. This is superb news, even if the Mets aren't at their peak performance of the season. Sunday's game was a great way to end the series; consistent defense, solid pitching and all around clean baseball.

Jimmy Rollins returned from his pine-pony ride at the beginning of this weekend. Seeming to have no signs of saddle soreness he played well all weekend, and hit a solid lead off home run in the 1st inning of Sunday afternoon's game. He has been doing some work on his stance throughout the year and now that he's back in action, we can see his improvements and the effects thereof. His front foot has made it's way closer to the inside of the box, while he's been holding his bat a bit higher with some more power behind it. Not that we are looking for a ton of power from the lead-off hitter, let alone J. Roll, but it's always exciting to see hard work paying off.

Lopez on Friday, Moyer on Saturday and Blanton on Sunday made for a tri-fecta of power pitching to lead the team against the Flushing Fools. Rodrigo Lopez (another former Lehigh Valley Iron Pig) performed extremely well in his Phillies debut game on Friday, excercising great pitches and awesome defense for just over 6 innings. Saturday followed, having the home of liberty ringing with celebrations of freedom, while Jamie Moyer pitched his 600th start, for just over 6 innings with 5 hits and just 1 walk. After making it through Durbin, Romero and Madson to get to the 9th, the Brad Lidge save oppurtunity reared it's head. Luckily, he responded well throwing 2 strikeouts for the win. Sunday's game was yet another example of what great pitching can do for the team. With Joe Blanton taking us 8 innings, showing his strength as a starter and helping his at home wins (1-7 starting at home) we were able to expect the unexpected. He created playable balls including a couple of nice double plays, while keeping the Mets to a low hit number, with no runs scored. Again we see Lidge for the save oppurtunity and again he pulls through in traditional "old-Lidge" fashion. With that being said, I'd like to think we can count on him for some more traditional Lidge ball in the upcoming games. His psychological status is on track, and he seems to not be letting the knee injury stop him, mentally or physically. Sounds like he's singing "I've been working my way back to you..."

Having the ability to go 3-26 at bat this Sunday, while winning the game, sweeping the Mets and exemplifying excellent pitching, helps fans to see that the Phillies may be back on track. That damn month of June Interleague play messed with our minds enough, back to the NL and Citizens Bank to put some wins under our belt!

By: Andy Troutman


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