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This is the End.... Beautiful Friend.

My goal was to be one of the 1st unpaid accounts of Game 6. Unfortunately it wound up being the last game of the coveted Northeast World Series, with my positive attitude nowhere to be found.

If only every World Series could be as good as that. It was quite fun to have such a close battle, with the two best teams in baseball. There's no doubt in my mind that if anyone, OTHER than the Phillies were to take on those Damn Yankees, it wouldn't have been such a thrilling series. The games were great, the match-ups perfect, the on-field attitude of most players stayed upbeat and pretty positive. It's kinda cool to see Jeter and J. Roll chatting it up every chance they get. It's a good reminder where the heart of the game truly lies.

Now onto the shit. Game 6, what a F***** travesty. It really began when I noticed the amount of empty seats behind home plate in the Bronx. The last thing I want to be is another Phil's fan talking smack on the Yankees/Their Fans. I grew up with a TON of hardcore and REAL Yankees Fans. Teams like the Yanks AND the Phil's (in recent years) have always had their bandwagon fans. Especially when they start to win. But this took it to a whole new level.

It was the bottom of the 7th and there were literally 10+ empty, plush leather, fold-up seats behind home base. Oh yeah the kicker? Is it the fact that it's the World Series? No. Is it the fact that your team is about to WIN said Series, the first year in their new stadium? No. It's the fact that it was the LARGEST crowd ever at New Yankees Stadium. Something like 50,000+. Where are the ones with the good seats? GOOD QUESTION! It was easy to see Rudy Giuliani clapping right behind the on-deck circle. What the rest of you NYC elite too cool to help Rudy cheer you to your 27th World Series title? Gimme a Break.

I've been saying this all year and it's not stopping now that our season is over. The pitching is the reason that we didn't win that Series. It's one thing to work on the powerhouse of a bullpen that we were blessed with last year, for the entire season. It's something completely different to bring in Pedro on short rest with a noticeable glitch in his step. I am the biggest Charlie Manuel fan I know, but that was hard to watch. Luckily, with a few clutch defensive plays we were able to get him through the 4th; nothing worthy of a start in the do-or-die scenario we were facing. He seemed off kilter from the beginning, with his first "fastball" registering at 81 mph. I'm sorry but if you can't put more heat on that pitch, you have effectively lost your ability to throw anything else in your repertoire. There is no ability to have a change in velocity at this point, and Matsui's abuse of anything he threw, was proof enough. Do you think that his start put the nail in our post-season coffin? I do. The only thing that would've been worse would've been watching Cole Hamels start game 7.

Speaking of, with a season ending ERA of almost 7.5 and a comment about wanting the season to be over, how much faith was he really worth? I mean I get it, he's only 25 and probably has no idea how to handle the fact that every start he has is alright, followed by an direct relationship of his ERA going up, the more innings he plays. I'm sorry but with that kind of attitude I wouldn't be starting him on the presumptive biggest game of the year. Oh well I guess we didn't get there, so that's another topic.

If it wasn't for Chase "Mr. Baseball" Utley's incredible showing at all 6 games, we wouldn't have been able to even talk about a game 6 or 7. Plus, someone in Center City give that man a back-rub, his shoulders have got to be sore from carrying the entire team through the World Series. It's tough to watch a team of homerun hitters, come out of the post-season with averages under .200, no HRs and barely any RBIs. The only decision that facilitated any more home run hitting was putting in Francisco, and making Ibanez DH. With all of the Raul choking going on, it's like having a half-off pressure sale for him. Take away the fact that he has to think about the whole inning, and apparently he can swing the bat. I've heard some things about his temper not being so good, and it looks like he could probably put up a mental wall to block his natural potential. That's about the only thing I can come up with after his piss-poor showing this post-season. Speaking of weak bats, I wonder if the hit to Shane Victorino's hand actually had a more profound effect than realized. He was nursing his hand all game 5 and it was smart for Charlie to take him out. It's one thing to be tough, it's another to screw with the overall success of the team... especially during the World Series. Luckily Howard was able to hit a small dinger to bring us up to 3 runs by the end of the game. Another example of a big hitter, not showing up to bat...

Chan Ho Park actually showed up to do some work last night, which was a bit relieving. Get it?

Yeah, that's about all I have left. It has been an incredible season, full of memories and good games. The boys are off to rest-up for Spring Training. See you all in May. Stay warm and have a fantastic Winter.


A. Trout.

P.S.- My landlords hand delivered me a 2-foot cheesesteak last night. I live in California. Best. Neighbors. Ever.


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