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Phils bolster pitching with Houston Ace, Roy Oswalt, but what about the bullpen?

The long-awaited acquisition of Houston hurler, Roy Oswalt, is now a reality. The Phillies will now make the stretch run with a starting rotation of Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, Kyle Kendrick and Joe Blanton. This leaves Hamels as the lone lefty in the rotation.

Just like last season, Ruben Amaro Jr. decided to bolster the team with more starting pitching. And like they say, "You can never have too much pitching." Except, in 2009, when everyone thought the Phils were going to trade for Halladay, they landed Cliff Lee. They rode Lee all the way to game six of the World Series against the Yankees.

In the off season, they packed up Lee and sent him to Seattle (he's now with the Texas Rangers, by the way), and landed Halladay after all.

Many thought then, that the Phils should have bitten the bullet can kept both pitchers, but they claimed they needed to replenish the farm system.

Now, we are back to where we were. I guess!

Halladay has been Halladay, and we can't knock that move. Lee hasn't been perfect this season (as Halladay was with his perfect game), but what a duo they could have been for the entire season. Maybe not Koufax and Drysdale, but they may not have been three and a half games behind the Braves, either.

There is still a lot of baseball yet to be played in August and September. So, there's no need to panic Phillies fans!

Bottom line is, we need to get the starting eight back healthy by Labor Day, and Manager Charlie Manuel and Pitching Coach Rich Dubee need to work their magic and get the bullpen back in order.

Perhaps Oswalt can talk to former teammate, Brad Lidge, and get him back into World Series form.

With less than 48 hours left until the trade deadline, it seems unlikely that the Phillies will be adding any more pitching, but who knows? Also, with Shane Victorino on the DL, Jayson Werth probably won't be packing his bags any time soon.

As far as Oswalt is concerned, let's hope some better run support does the trick for him. Can't we just dream about Halladay, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels? Huh? What's that? Wake up? Ohhhhhhhh! I must have been dreaming! - Tom Schalata

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  1. All I can say is WOW and sweet, great to see the commitment.