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Too early to talk Phillies' 2011 rotation?


Yes, the Fightin' Phils are in a battle to not only secure a wild card position in the 2010 Pennant Race, but overtake the Braves, as well. However, it's still not to early to discuss next year's pitching possibilities.

While listening to the ESPN program, "The Herd," on Sirius/XM Radio, we heard some talk that Cliff Lee may be heading back to the Phillies after this season.

The most likely scenario, of course, is that he will wind up in Yankee pinstripes.

Lee stated prior to the trade from Seattle to the Rangers, that he wanted to go to the Yankees, but wound up in Texas, instead.

According to Colin Cowherd, host of the radio program, Lee, doesn't like it in Texas. He also has a history of not pitching well in the Lone Star state.

In New York, however, Lee owns the Yankees, and struck out 11 Bronx Bombers while in a Mariners uniform.

Cowherd also stated that he was hit hard by the lowly Baltimore Orioles this year, a sign that he is human, but he can turn it up against superior teams like the Yankees, etc., in a contract year.

The radio host noted that his sources say that Lee's preference next year is to go to the Yankees or another elite team. The Phillies?

We all know the Yankees have the biggest checkbook. Cowherd also pointed out that they have more payroll money on the DL than most other teams' payroll combined.

Therefore, it is very likely Cliff Lee will be wearing Yankees' pinstripes in 2011, and pitching for his fifth team in less than two years, but stranger things have happened. "Nolan Ryan and the Rangers could come up with a wheel barrow full of money and keep Lee," Cowherd said, "but the Yankees are still the strong favorite."

It would be a dream team to have a pitching rotation of Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt. Cole Hamels, and Joe Blanton or Kyle Kendrick. Just the thought of having Hamels as a No 4!

Well, we still have to make it through this year, but it could be an interesting off-season.


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