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Phillies Trade Rumors

Well we didn't go to the World Series this year so clearly some of these Phillies Trade Rumors should come true, a little change is in order. By the way congrats to Pat Gillick for being elected to the HOF.

The first Phillies rumor is they hard on the trail of signing free agent outfielder Jeff Francouer, better known as Mr. Strikeout. Francouer made $5,000,000 playing for the Rangers and Mets last year hitting .249 with 13 homers and 81 strikeouts. Jeff was traded for Juaquin Arias last year on August 31st. We are competing with the Royals, and Rockies for his services and in our opinion just the Rockies because he isn't good enough to play in the American League. Frankly I don't think we should get him but if the price is right, maybe.

The Phillies rumor is that their offer to Jayson Werth was for 3 years and 48 million which was likely not even in the ballpark to getting a deal done as he signed for 7 years and 126 million with the Nationals. Wow and wow, thanks but no thanks. Of course the rumor was he was seeking 7 and 120 million so not completely surprising but wow.

Apparently the Phillies Trade Rumors for Raul Ibanez should keep coming because they are willing to trade him even if we have to eat some salary.

With that crazy Werth signing the Phillies Rumors for other outfield free agents are likely to be Scott Hairston, Francouer, and Matt Diaz. Well the good news is it is cheaper the bad news is a little yikes, we say take a shot on Diaz.

A statement that should kill the Cliff Lee back to Phillies Rumors is that assistant GM Scott Proefrock is on the record saying that ship has sailed. Well the ship never really sails, there is always a chance come on but don't get your hopes up.

With regards to left handed pitching the Phillies rumor is they are in the market as long as they don't have to give up a draft pick.

Have any comments on these Phillies rumors or more let us know in the comments!